4 February 2017

Physical Product Sellers Only: How To Copy Your Way To Product and Marketing Success

So earlier this morning, I jumped on Facebook, and I saw a friend and fellow maketer, Seyi Shobayo, shared a video about a guy in the USA who made $345,000 copying product ideas from KickStarter. You can watch the video here: You don’t know what KickStarter is? I’ll tell you. KickStarter is a crowd-funding […]

1 February 2017

3 Business Lessons I Learnt Going Shopping Today (Part 2)

Hello BRAINiacs! Today I am fine! My headache is gone, and our lessons can continue ???? So yesterday while at SPAR, my cousin told me that HEALTHPLUS (a Pharmaceutical company) shop where she did her IT, (she will be doing her NYSC there too), offered a free blood pressure check. And what do you know, […]

1 February 2017

Why 99% Of People Who Try To Make Money Selling Online Will Fail

So I have wanted to posts today’s article for a few days now, but kept postponing because I know it will hurt some of you. But I have a responsibility to tell you exactly what you need to do differently and show you how to do it better. So here’s a prediction. A Lot of […]

1 February 2017

The Million-Naira Reason To Give Yourself The Chance To Fail

All my life, I have been a miserable failure. I only started seeing massive success some 6 years ago, and my success started gathering storm in 2014.Maybe I haven’t been a failure all my life anyway. Maybe it’s just in my head that for a long time, I was a failure. Who is a failure? […]

1 February 2017

How To Sell A Shaving Stick Idea For $1 Billion In Cash

In 2014, I came across a YouTube video by a company called, the “Dollar Shave Club“. A guy was advertising a shaving stick which he said was on sale for $1. Now I don’t use shaving sticks because I dread having bumps on my jaws and all, so I shave anytime I go to cut […]

1 February 2017

3 Business Lessons I Learnt Going Shopping Today (Part 1)

So yesterday night, my cousin Nonie, came visiting. She’s in Lagos for her NYSC and because I love my cousins and I want them comfortable, this morning, I said, “Let’s go shopping” so I could stock the refrigerator with food and orisirisi :-). So we drive to SPAR and we spent maybe 30 minutes in […]

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