How To Double Your Profits Using The Phone… And Other Stories

Dear BRAINiac,

Well, I never leave well enough alone.

Yesterday I replied to a post here in the group where a member said he was on radio and he got so many registrations to his event (i think) that he had to…


My comment was “Why turn people down? Why are you restricting your self to a certain number. Why don’t you get a bigger venue?

And he said, “I wanted a certain number.

And my reply was, “Well, why are you stopping people from giving you money?

He didn’t respond anymore. I guess he got pissed off that I was insistent.

Well, I am sorry I was butting into his business but *in GEJ’s voice* “I don’t give a damn!”

My business here is to show you possibilities, and how to prosper more. and if that means “chooking” my mouth in your business, I will. Deal with it.

You see, we human beigns like to leave well enough alone.

We look at what we “think” we can handle and we limit ourselves by it.

We believe only 100 people will want to come to our seminar so we plan for a hall with a seating capacity of 100. And if somehow we have more people who want to come, say an extra 100 people, we stubbornly refuse to expand because you see, we’ve read in some book that “scarcity” is god.

Yes, scarcity is good, but knowingly turning down money is shortsightedness.

If you have more people wanting to come to your event, then find bigger space.

Winning in business is a game if numbers. Odds are, the more people you have listening to you, the more people you can sell stuff to.

If you have 20 people at your event, and 10% of them spend more money with you, say, =N=25,000 each, that’s a 10% conversion making you =N=50,000.

If instead of 20, you have 200, and 10% of them still buy, now instead of making =N=50,000, you make =N=500,000. Half a million! Ten times more!

Why do you think people want to have more Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat folowers? Is it an ego thing? FOr the entrepreneurs, I know it’s not.

They simply want to make money. PERIOD.

I can’t say this enough.

Me, I hate to leave well enough alone. This is why in my company, I am now starting to hire telephone operators who armed with a script go through our autoresponder database and call everybody who signs up to attend either a seminar or to get more information about a course.

Eery single one of them.

I could simply have been content with the email they would receive from my autoresponder. Or I could have merely sent them an SMS to remind them, but you see, Ronald Nzimora doesn’t ever leave well enough alone.

I am 100% of them time, in bullish mode, looking for ways to improve my conversion rates and my profit margin. If it means staying up all night, making those calls myself, you’re damned sure, I’m going to do it.

After watching “The Wolf of Street”, I understood the enormous power of selling through the phone using a prepared script.

The video below shows Leonardo DiCaprio who played the real life Jordan Belfort selling $4,000 worth of stocks the first day he walked into a stock firm.

He simply used the phone to dial a prospect, his first day there, lass than 5 minutes after he arrived and he made his first sale.

Look, the movie is a true life story. It’s all true, Find it and watch it. Infact read the book by the real guy, Jordan Belfort (with the same title), because it first came out.

It sent me rushing to learn all I could about selling on the phone.

I implemented it in my business, it worked like gang busters. We implemented it for Nairabet, it took tripled their deposits, tripled their bet rates and doubled their income.

I don’t know about you but I hate playing small. I hate selling to 20 people if I can sell to 5,000 of them. I hate making =N=250,000 on a job when I can make =N=1 million naira.

So please let’s cut the bullshit. If you have the rare chance to get on radio or TV or the internet or a LIVE audience, and you have the ability to sell to 1,000 people, don’t say, “But I planned for just 20 people“. That’s not modesty. That’s shortsightedness. And yes, I am just saying the least.

I hope I roused you to do bigger things my friend.


14 thoughts on “How To Double Your Profits Using The Phone… And Other Stories”

  1. Nice trailer, don’t judge me by my winnings but by my losses, because I only have a few. Got to see this movie. And great lessons on expanding capacity and seeing how far one can go. Thanks for the post!

  2. This is something to seriously ruminate about.

    It’s an eye opener, I never thought of getting subscribers phone numbers but now, serious consideration must be given to it.

  3. Thanks for sharing boss.
    But why will entrepreneurs whose intention is actually to make money from their craft be claiming as if they don’t need it? Nawa o! Some people tire me.

    Personally I want to double my profit.

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