Proof Of Concept (The Most Important Thing A New Business Owner Must Do)

1 February 2017
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What’s the most important thing you need to do as a new business owner?

In 2003 when I REALLY started learning about business and getting started, I didn’t have a clue in the world.

But I thought I knew it all. Boy, was I WRONG!

I first thought of an idea, thinking it was the best thing ever

Then I started thinking about how my logo would look.

Then I started wondering, “Who will design this logo for me?” That took about 8 months.

Then I started telling the man, how I needed letterheads, and a complimentary card, and oh shit!

I Need An Office!

Or so I thought.


You know what? All of these things didn’t matter at the end.

The one thing that really mattered, I didn’t do. Want to know what it is?


What is “proof of concept”?

Well, it’s that thing that you do, to prove to yourself that you’re on the right track.

Let me explain.

For 4 years of my life, 2003-2007, I did everything I could to make money online. I read newsletters, signed up to email lists, read all the free e-books I could find, attended free seminars (I couldn’t afford paid ones).

I spent whatever little money I could eke out of my meagre pocket money to travel from Umuahia (which had no cybercafe at the time) to Aba for night-browsing every Friday.

Brethren, for those 4 years, I failed.

In August 2007, I decided to make one last attempt, if that attempt failed, I had decided I was going to hang my business boots and give up the foolishness, like my then friends called it.

So I wrote yet another e-book titled, “Failure Buster: The One Secret Of Success Nobody Ever Tells You About“. Poor title, I know now :-).

Anyhoo, after writing that book and the salesletter, in the first 2 weeks, I made $2,000 selling it!


To say I was overjoyed is an understatement. I couldn’t sleep for nealy a week, out of sheer excitement!

I literally doubled my work rate. I doubled down and did twice the research, twice the writing, twice the reading. I searched for better sources of information. I started paying to learn.

I went from being totally skeptical and full of fear that this internet thing wouldn’t work out to being 101% a believer.

I Was Hooked!

Like a drug addict. And I have been hooked ever since. If business and marketing was a bad thing, I would be in a rehabilitation centre right now.

What happened to me? Why the mind switch?

It’s simply…

Proof of concept!

You see, making my first $2,000, selling a book I wrote to people around the world, while begging my fellow students for =N=20 here and =N=20 there to make up money to buy my next meal proved to me that this business thing was REAL.

I had PROVEN to myself that it would work. Now I knew with 100% CERTAINTY that all I needed to do was to get better, to seek even more knowledgeable people and soak up their ideas, tweak it and I would succeed on a massive scale.

Has it worked?

You bet!

I live a freaking dream life right now. I live in a mansion in a private estate, drive one of the best cars ever made, run a business that affords me the freedom to work whenever I want etc.

Because of this tiny, but very important thing called, proof of concept

You see, the reason many people give up and not pursue their business is because they chase the insignificant things rather than focus on proving to themselves that their business concept/model will work.

They are concerned about logos, and business cards, and websites, and letterheads, and invoices, instead of..

Finding A Customer.

You prove your business concept when you have a PAYING customer. This is what you must focus on FIRST as a new business owner. Are there people willing to buy this off of you?

When someone buys, you prove the concept. When a lot of people buy, you prove it even more. Then you set up the things that will bring even more buyers – a website, maybe an event sales presentation, maybe a webinar, etc.

When I started the “Sell Your Brain Society” group on Facebook, I had a lot of ideas. I knew I wanted to sell a high-priced course for =N=49,000 but I needed to prove that people would be willing to buy it.

So I announced a paid event for that amount, and they bought, in droves. I did it without a website, without a logo, and without letter heads or any of the 1000 other unnecessary things new business owners worry about. After I proved it, I then went ahead to register this domain name and now working on building it out.

And here’s the most important reason why you must prove your concet. When you do,

You Get A Rush of BELIEF!

You know you’re on the right path. Your confidence level goes up, your fears drop drastically. You have a renewed sense of purpose, and you do and know that can do all it takes to win, no matter how long it takes!

If I had failed with the “Failure Buster” ebook, I might have been crushed, maybe forever. I planned to quit if it didn’t work out.

I want you to learn something important here today.

A paying customer is more important than a logo, or business card.

I never used a business card until last year when my friend Toyin “forcefully” had a bunch of them printed for me. Even then I hardly use them.

You shouldn’t be bothered about these things. You can make a logo using many of the free logo design sites online. You can then stick that logo inside the header of a MS-Word document add your home address to it and voila! You have a letterhead!

These things, my friend, aren’t the issue.

The main thing is getting and convincing someone to buy what you have for sale. Have you found that person?

Find that person, and see the change you will experience on the inside.

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