On this page are links to the websites and resources I have referenced inside this book.

Go check them out.


  1. Strive Masiyawa, CEO, Econet Wireless Limited)

    Strive, who by the way is a billionaire is a blessing in disguise. I even find it surprising that he finds time out of his I can imagine busy schedule to teach young African about entrepreneurship.

    May he never stop 🙂

  1. The Millionaire Fastlane

    In January 2011, I read this incredible business book which is unlike any other I have read. Since then, I have recommended it to every person who wants to start a business as THE FIRST book they should read.

    It will blow our mind.

  2. Work The System

    I struggled for years with being orderly in my personal life and in my business. Starting out from where I started, I took on too may tasks, was bull-headed about doing everything and I and my business suffered for it.

    After reading Mr Strive Masiyiwa’s (above) articles about organization, I decided to solve this problem once and for all, and I went online to find a solution.

    That’s when I found “Work The System” by Sam Carpenter.

    4. Gary Vaynerchuk

    Gosh I love Gary!

    Multi-millionaire eccentric wine connoisseur and social media aficionado, Gary’s in your face, frank talk will set your head straight about what it takes to start and succeed in business. Check out his YouTube Channel at

    5. Grant Cardone

    Another ‘mad man’ I love is Grant! He kicks you in the butt and listening to him everyday will keep you motivated and taking massive action. Check out his YouTube Channel at

  1. James Altucher

    I don’t know how to describe James, but it’s best to say he’s the brainiest nerd I have ever studied. James has an uncanny ability to pierce through your consciousness with the most insightful of ideas for enriching every area of your life.

    7. The Gary Halbert Letter

    I owe half what I know about marketing and sales to Gary Halbert.

    Even though he’s dead now, his name is still whispered with awe in direct marketing circles and his wisdom is still kept alive by his children here:




   1. WordPress
       I use WordPress for all my websites. It’s the best, PERIOD. It’s a genius software platform used by top organizations in the World like CNN, Microsoft, etc.

  1. OptimizePress
    OptimizePress is the software we install on WordPress and use to build out all our websites.

    Outsourcing Services:
  2.  Fiverr
     This is the place to get those annoying pesky tasks that have you wasting 72 hours on and which still turn out bad done for you.
     Save yourself the headache and let someone do it for you for $5.

  3. UpWork
    10,000% more professional but a bit costlier alternative to Fiverr.
    It’s where I get all of my programming jobs done.


  1. Aweber
      It’s the marketing automation service we use to send out emails. Very professional company.

  1. ActiveCampaign
    Active Campaign puts your marketing on steroids.
    When I saw the magic it could do, I immediately opened an account and it’s the best autoresponder marketing automation service I use. Yes better than, for now :-).

Domain Name:

  1. Namecheap
    This is where I buy all my domain names from. Prices start at $3.98/year and includes Free WhoIsGuard.

Website Hosting:
  1. LiquidWeb:
I host all of my websites with Their service is the best, and I have tried many. Absolutely great company.

  1. WhoGoHost
    This is an option, especially if you want to register .ng or domain names.
    I have a couple of domain registered with them.