How To Sell A Shaving Stick Idea For $1 Billion In Cash


In 2014, I came across a YouTube video by a company called, the “Dollar Shave Club“.

A guy was advertising a shaving stick which he said was on sale for $1.

Now I don’t use shaving sticks because I dread having bumps on my jaws and all, so I shave anytime I go to cut my hair with a regular clipper. (now you have the secret why my jaw is smooth, hehehehe).

Anyways after watching that video, I wanted to buy that shaving stick. The dude was hilarious. See for yourself here:

The guy, Michael Dubin, said he got the idea because he got fed up with spending too much for a razor and having to go out to a shop to buy a new one each time he needed it.

So he came up with the idea of selling cheap shaving sticks on a subscription model. Each month you had it sent to you automatically and they would bill your card.

2 days ago, Unilever, yes the same guys who make your “Close Up” toothpaste bought the Dollar Shave Club for $1 Billion dollars in cash. Yes, that’s BILLION with a B.

Not too shabby for an ideas that popped into your brain for free.

P.S. Yesterday, I spoke at a seminar tagged “Social Selling Seminar” and I said “What you want to sell ideally is a superior version of a digital product, physical product or rendered service that is already selling well, with superior advertising.

Micheal took an old concept – shaving sticks – made it cheap, made it pain free to pay for, made it automatic to buy, and today, after 4 years, it’s value is at $1 Billion.

What billion-naira idea, hobby, expertise or knowledge do you have lurking inside that smart brain of yours?

Think about it.

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  1. Nice contents, but I am tired of we Africans using white photograph as a design on our website.

    We need to stop being fake. Let us be original for once.

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